The 180K LN2 nitrogen pumping skid is a self-contained unit. The primary components are a diesel engine which drives two hydraulic pumps via a 2-pad splitter/gearbox, a hydraulic driven triplex pump, LN2 engine coolant vaporiser/heat exchanger and a certified steel lifting frame/skid which houses these components. The unit is also equipped with a hydraulic tank, 150-gallon fuel tank, oil coolant heat exchangers, all hydraulic hoses, low and high pressure LN2 and GN2 stainless steel pipework and a single control panel for operating both the engine and pumping system.

Pump rating 1500 SCFM @ 6,000 PSI.

Unit complies with ATEX 2014 / 34 / EU

Approved by recognised certifying authority

Approved for use in Zone II areas

Pyroban exhaust gas cooling system

Engine water over temperature shutdown

High exhaust temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns

Engine overspeed shutdown

GN2 overpressure shutdown


  • Length: 4,700 mm
  • Width: 2,438 mm
  • Height: 2,605 mm
  • Unit Weight: 10,000 kg