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Providing Solutions

At INDUNIT your wishes are always the first priority for us and with our experienced team, we are available 24/7 thinking along with you in solutions. Our goal is to relieve our client and to ensure that the work is carried out safely, cost-efficiently and quickly. What distinguishes us from the small and medium sized service providers is our innovative engineering department which, together with you, always is looking for innovative ideas to reduce time, costs and increase safety on the services we provide.

Process Services

INDUNIT offer the oil and gas industry the ability to sustain a safe and productive work environment during exploration, recovery, and production of crude oil and natural gas. As a non-reactive, non-flammable gas, nitrogen allows us to safely purge dangerous, explosive vapors and corrosive elements from surface production / processing equipment as well as displacing wells. With our fleet of specialized equipment INDUNIT can supply you with gaseous or liquid nitrogen as cold as -196C and up to + 70C for various application.

Helium Leaktesting

Reactor Cooldown

Hot Oil Flushing

Pipe Freezing

Hydrostatic Testing

Ultrasonic Valve Testing

Tube Leak Detection

Pneumatic Testing

Pipeline Services

INDUNIT provides solutions to the pipeline industry for both onshore and offshore applications. We customize every treatment based on costumer’s needs and requirements. Our Pipeline servicing has unique complexities, and INDUNIT offers a fleet of specialized and adaptable equipment for unusual or unplanned circumstances. Using proven technologies, specialized equipment and highly trained personnel, INDUNIT provides unique and cost efficient solutions to its clients.





Mechanical Cleaning

Pipeline Inspection


Flushing & Drying

LNG Services

INDUNIT fully understands the unique challenges posed by the cryogenic nature of the LNG industry. We have an experienced team of specialists who have been successfully involved in the commissioning and cooling of several LNG facilities in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. By involving INDUNIT in the commissioning phase at an early stage, we are able to offer a tailor made service package to improve safety, efficiency and quality throughout the project.

LNG Pre-cooling

Valve Inspection

Borescope Inspection

Temporary Gas Supply

Flange Management

Tank Testing


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Good people make things happen At INDUNIT, we strongly believe that attracting and retaining the highest quality people is the best insurance of success. Our Goal is to recruit talented people and train them within a culture that call for performance with trust and respect. Candidates with a sense of technique are welcome to apply, please send your
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